Thomas Mitchell is a visionary. We are fortunate to have him among us.
He is one of those unique beings who can utilize poetry to ground what he knows and sees, a light to guide us.

Lindsay McKenna, New York Times Bestselling Author


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Thomas was born in Glasgow, Scotland and has spent his life in the pursuit of Poetry, Art and Music. In recent years he has collaborated with his son Stuart on many projects including decoding the patterns at Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh in 2005.

''My journey to Rosslyn Chapel began in 1952 when I was serving in Iraq with the Royal Air Force. I was stationed 50 miles south west of Baghdad near lake Habbaniyah. The ancient Sumerian city of Babylon was a mere 40 miles from our station and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit it. Knowing that it was pre-Christian by many thousands of years, I was truly amazed by the scale and the sophistication of the buildings, which had been excavated. The gateways to the city had also been excavated and partly refurbished. Finished in glazed coloured tiles, they depicted several types of animals. Most of all I was impressed by the inescapable sense of antiquity and I came away with a conviction that we in the west, with our technological civilization, had little or no idea regarding the Sumerians and how they lived. Their civilization flourished for thousands of years before our history had even begun. I came home after two years in Iraq with a firm aim to explore and study prehistory and also to find out just exactly what we are missing, both physically and spiritually, that those civilizations knew and which made them so successful in their time. The journey proved to be the journey of a lifetime and is still in progress! Many aspects are written here in the following chapters, and it is a surprising fact that the lines of inquiry led down many seemingly unrelated roads, but which eventually proved to be part of the bigger picture. At the time I was too close to it to bring it into perspective or focus. A good analogy here would be to imagine a cartwheel with many spokes around the rim. Every spoke, although it starts from a different position on the rim, yet leads back to the axis. The axis contains the basic truth and from one point of view it is the source from which the spokes emerge. About 30 years ago I, as a musician, had realized from my experience and my studies that the diatonic musical scale, the basis of all music, was related by its mathematics and ratios, to the sacred geometry of architecture and art. I began to see the musical scale as a mirror of all creation and as time went on this conviction became the basis of my study of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the reason why they are still revered today as man's greatest achievements. My son Stuart and I collaborated on a suite for orchestra titled The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and this brought me to the point where I began to see Rosslyn Chapel as the 8th wonder from my own viewpoint. I had researched the Chapel for a number of years from the viewpoint of a Freemason and from my earlier researches I had already pondered the cubes in the arches. This book takes the reader on a trip to the resolution of the decoding of the cubes and its relationship to the much wider area of spiritual evolution, which I believe William Sinclair had in mind when he designed the Chapel. It is obvious to me that he had music very much in mind and must have known the relationship between music and sacred geometry, which may be the reason that he secreted the music of the Chapel in the arches between the pillars.''

Tommy Mitchell Tommy continues to create beautiful poetry, art and music which you can experience here on this website.

Tommy's Poetry

Spiritual Journey

Each of us blazes a trail through the forest of time, knowingly or unknowingly.
We leave our mark and thus leave the world either marginally better or worse for our passing.
Some pass through leaving nothing substantial with which to mark their passing
and vanish into obscurity as if they had never existed,
and yet, their very existence is a miracle in itself, whether they realised it or not.
I have always known that we must use that miracle of Life and contribute to creation
if only as a gesture of gratitude to whomsoever
or whatsoever granted our unique Life to us.
If we violate that miracle by leaving without having contributed and
having left the world a little better than we found it,
then I can see no other way out until that ''missing of the mark'' is realised and put to rights.
The only real failure is to arrive at the end with empty hands.

Tommy Mitchell 2008


We are the Dreamers

We Dream--
We make castles in the air;
Yet we who dream the dreams
And create the castles
We are the inconceivable Beings;
Our being is awareness,
Our sentience is the great mystery;
We know,
Yet we cannot describe that knowing;
We Are,
But we are unable to tell�
What, who or why we are;
And yet we are
The All that, is Nothing,
And is the Nothing
That is Everything;
We are Source:

T.J.Mitchell - 2017

Light and Shadow Book


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Tommy's Music

Tommy's composition The Rosslyn Motet is a piece of music that was decoded in Rosslyn Chapel Edinburgh. Tommy also wrote a book covering the musical discovery which is available on our website for download. 


'The Rosslyn Motet'

The Rosslyn Motet

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Tommy's Art

The Light
The Spirit is like a drop of water on a leaf,
That absorbs and reflects the light of the sun.
Just as the drop of water reflects the light,
So does the Spirit absorb and reflect,
The light of the Infinite.

--Tommy Mitchell


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